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Updated :2012-09-08
Version :1.0
Size :1.94MB
Requirements :Android 2.1 or higher
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Description Whack Your Ex Free Game 1.0

Whack Your Ex Free Game:

Whack Your EX, a free and cool game, can give various ways to punish your ex- boyfriend or ex-girlfriend for sure. Hate him or her? Want to tear him or her into pieces? Hope him or her disappear at once? Whack Your EX can satisfy all your desires in your mobile device. It is absolutely your chance to vent all your pains, anger and rage in a super easy way.
Whack Your EX could help you forget the jerk who used to break your heart, could help you recover from the hurt your ex left to you, and also could help you regain the ability to begin a new relationship soon. So, don’t hesitate and give it a try.

Here are the ways to whack your ex:
1. Boxing Gloves:
Unwrap a present and beat the hell out of your boyfriend with a pair of boxing gloves. Don't just do a couple of rounds on him and make his death easy, beat him to the ground and to a bloody pulp like Rocky Balboa does Apollo Creed!

2. Run Away With His Dad:
Go out with a real man, your boyfriends dad (ok this could sound sick if your boyfriends dad his too old but some guys dads can be quite hot and this is just a silly cartoon!). Get in his dads fancy car and drive off with him. Oh yeah and don't forget to shoot him in the head as he looks on in surprise.

3. Shark Bait:
Drop a huge shark on his head and watch it bite the hell out of your ex- boyfriend as he screams in agony! Yes this is the most painful way of disposing of your boyfriend, painful to him of course, not to you.

4. Punch and Crap:
Upper cut your ex-boyfriend in the chin so he falls to the ground. Then deliver a telling blow around his head. Finally release a huge log onto his head, one that king kong himself would be proud of!
Thanks for your attention and support.
Enjoy Whack Your EX, and share it with your friends!

Content rating: Everyone

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